Dream Photo Expeditions

Dream Photo Expeditions is a team of worldly published and awarded professional photographers, hosting Photo Tours to some of the most wonderful places for photography lovers.

As you, we love photography, and are passionate about traveling. We have been capturing the most incredible places on Earth for many years, searching for the best lights and the most fascinating subjects. We know where to go, and the best moments to be there.

Our main goal is creating fantastic experiences for you, always focused on photography. We will be always working hard to take you to the most amazing locations under the best possible conditions.

Being great experts in each of the destinations we are offering, we carefully study and plan each of our trips, choosing the best times of the year, selecting each one of the locations we will be visiting, and planning all the details of our tours, to bring you a wonderful experience with the highest quality in the market.

At the same time, all our trips are organized by professional travel companies, who deals with all the details and the bookings. That way, we can focus in the photographic part of the trip.

We offer you all kind of photography experiences, from trips focused on Nature and landscapes to others with a social and cultural component. Join us in any of our Photo Tours to, and we will be happy to make your photographic dreams come true.

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