Dream Photo Expeditions

Photo tours to the most spectacular destinations on Earth. Join us in one of our photography tours and we'll take you to the best locations a the right moments.

Dream Photo Expeditions is a team of worldly published and awarded professional photographers from the United States and Spain, hosting photography tours to some of the most wonderful destinations on Earth for photography lovers.

We are experts in landscape, social and urban photo tours. Each of our destinations is carefully planned and designed to get you to the best locations at the best moments. You’ll only have to worry about being there with us and take the shot!

Our destinations include The Canadian Rocky Mountains, Iceland, Alaska, the American National Parks, the Lofoten Islands, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Patagonia, Ladakh (in the Indian Himalayas), or Tuscany, to name just a few. No matter if you are interested in landscape, Nature, portrait, social or architecture photography. We have a photo tour for you!


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